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"aac".translate #=> "N"
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2007-11-17Hi !! to BioRuby friends このエントリーを含むブックマーク このエントリーのブックマークコメント


Please excuse writing English. I believe that all BioRuby people can read English well, but just take some time to write English, right ?

I am a scientist and biologist at NIH.

and am living in Frederick, Maryland for more than 20 years.

Because of this, I can type English maybe 10 times faster than Japanese

though my English is broken one and I speak heavy Osaka accent English very fast and make bad jokes !

I attended Lincoln Stein's "Programming for Biology" course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory this October. There I made a lot of friends.

I met Jan Aerts (Saaien Tist). We agreed with the Power of BioRuby and decided to learn more Ruby and BioRuby movement and want to contribute to the BioRuby community. I am still a beginner of Ruby and BioRuby. However, I wish that I can make a bridge between western and Japanese worlds.

I will learn more about Ruby from Nakao-sensei and Jan's (Saaien Tist) blog site

I made my own blog site BioRuby-Rainbow

Due to the facts that


  • My wish to translate Ruby-related documents to Englsih or vice versa.
  • My colleagues, mostly scientists do NOT have any knowledge about any programmings or power of Ruby and totally depend on BioInformatics department. They are NOT capable to learn programming somehow or simply give it up.


My wish is that I can introduce Ruby more to American people, I mean, biologists. I will do my best.

Though Nakao -Sensei said his Ruby course is too introductory, however, I will begin to translate this documents since as mentioned, my colleagues biologists do not know any programming !!!!!

I want to make more Ruby fans here at NIH.

Hope its Ok with Nakao-Sensei.

Also I am impressed with KNOD and introduce its docs to English soon.

Sorry, you must be very tired of reading all ALPHABET. please tell me if my English is acceptable for you in BioRuby community and if not I will try to write Japanese next time.


The following is the proof that I still can write Japanese ( badly typing )

and am a real beginner.

You-Key 2007/11/17 07:36

KNOBマックOS Xに ダウンロードしたのですが、その後どのようにして使ったら良いのかわかりません。

Parallels virtual system も つかっています。基本的な質問ですみません。

You-Key 2007/11/17 13:10

すみません。解りました。KNOB2.0.0 を Download してknob-2.0.0.iso になった file をParallels icon を Double click して出てきたWindow からNew をselectして、さらにTypicalをselect, and Next で、OS Type:Linux  OS version: Other linux. そして、More Option で、iso file を指定すれば良いのでした。、、、 昨日も、Ruby on Rails の Bruce Tate さんにつまらない質問をして、First Rule of Kayak: When in doubt, paddle like hell。と言う、email を頂いた所でした。